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Realize the Benefits of a Fully Developed CTMS Without the Typical Time to Implement, Using OnPoint Direct CTMS

In our experience, many small- to mid-sized companies view the implementation of a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) to be too resource-intensive (finances, time and human resources); because of this and other reasons, many of these companies compromise with systems comprised primarily of manual processes using spreadsheets, half-built internal systems or less-than-ideal implementations. However, CTMS plays an integral role in the conduct of your trials, and the implementation should support your specific needs.

Bioclinica's OnPoint CTMS is a fully developed CTMS that is designed to meet your specific organization and study needs. OnPoint is a powerful end-to-end clinical trials management solution that provides control, efficiency and quality data by including tools to plan, startup, conduct and manage your study. You can view and manage real-time operational performance from a centralized, web-based dashboard, wherever you are and at any time, saving you time, labor costs and operational expenses. However, as with all full-featured CTMS, it can take 6 months or more to get from contract/kick-off to live production with OnPoint, for many reasons including its extensive configurability.

We recognized that this limitation of a traditional CTMS, including our OnPoint CTMS, can make it challenging for some small- to mid-sized companies to take that first step. Therefore, we developed a rapid start-up version of OnPoint CTMS—OnPoint Direct, made possible by the eHealth Cloud. A two-week implementation is possible, because of standardized out-of-the-box configurations developed based on our knowledge of industry-best practices. The standardized configurations and reporting, covering approximately 90% of study requirements, streamline the initial implementation process. The remaining 10% of configurations are designed specifically for each study, requiring only a fraction of the time and cost for initial startup compared with full-scale CTMS deployments. As a result, OnPoint Direct can be implemented rapidly while not compromising any of the full-featured functionality of OnPoint CTMS.

Once customers have their studies up and running and are ready to take the next step, the system can be expanded later with additional configuration, which can be chosen based on budget and timing. This phased implementation often leads to more powerful discovery sessions and a better full-scale configuration because the users have a better understanding of their needs/wants for the system based on an approach of "now that you know what you didn't know".

OnPoint Direct is a great option for any company looking for a rapid CTMS implementation, especially given the ability for phased implementation of the full system configuration. In addition, an entry-level system mitigates the risk of making a significant investment in implementing a system that does not meet your needs.

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