Quality Process

A quality Imaging Core Lab (ICL) is built on a foundation of superior systems and processes directed by trusted project managers with therapeutic-specific imaging experience. No other ICL demonstrates this better than BioClinica. Our clinical trial quality control approach is designed to detect problems with bioimaging clinical data early on, enable accurate interim analysis and maximize the power of your clinical trial. We can help you increase efficiencies, prevent back-end delays and decrease the number of queries using our unique multi-step clinical trial quality control process below:

  1. Image Verification – data is received electronically, or via courier, and we immediately check the images for demographics and complete transmission.
  2. Image Identification – once an image is fully verified, the data goes through complete anonymization and confirmation of the timepoint, as well as a full header check for correct identification and acquisition parameters.
  3. Image Acquisition – certified registered radiologic technologists provide thorough quality control of the images for protocol compliance and technical adequacy.

Our total focus on clinical trial quality control delivers more accurate results.

We detect image acquisition deficiencies and protocol violations early, quickly and provide quality control at all levels of your clinical trial to ensure the highest level of quality. We also design and manage protocol-specific read systems to deliver the highest quality images available from every patient at every site all completed with efficiency and accuracy. With such careful attention devoted to every image and every clinical trial, it’s no wonder we have a client retention rate of over 90%.

Adding to our commitment to excellence, we assign you a dedicated project manager and specialized service teams to assist you throughout each phase of your clinical trial:


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