Controlled Substance Studies: Meeting the Supply Management Challenge

August 8, 2013 - 11:00am (EDT)

Speakers: Nicole Garmon, Product Manager, and Robin Gray, Product Lead
Moderator: Chris Englerth, Marketing Manager

Length: 1 hour

Controlled substances present special supply challenges when conducting clinical trials, especially when a study has dozens or even hundreds of sites around the globe.  Inventory monitoring and management  are even more complicated for international clinical trials as regulations vary among countries. Fortunately, new advances in Interactive Web/Voice Response technologies are making it easier to meet the controlled substance supply management challenge.

Using BioClinica’s Trident IWR/IVR system as a demonstration platform, this webinar will outline ways to meet the special needs of controlled substance studies including:

  • On-site limit restrictions
  • Shipment restrictions
  • Threshold alerts
  • Enhanced supply reconciliation at kit or kit content level
  • Drug returns

The Trident Interactive Web/Voice Response System bridges the gap between clinical trial sites and supply chain management while speeding up the setup, testing, and deployment of new protocols.  Trident was recently selected by Grünenthal GmbH for its ability to manage drug inventory is crucial to meet strict regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials that involve investigative compounds related to pain management.