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Clinical Data Collection in Oncology Studies - Most Common Challenges

Creating a clinical data collection strategy for oncology studies within tight timelines can be extremely challenging.  Clinical data managers often face particular issues with interpreting the complexities of the study and implementing the data flow as represented in the protocol.

Some of the most common challenges facing successful clinical data collection in oncology include:

  • Meaningful Real Time Data Access
  • Managing the Study Build Timeline
  • Lesion Tracking
  • Local Laboratory Data Collection
  • Drug Accountability Reporting
  • Study Duration Challenges
  • Remote Data Review and Monitoring
  • Intermin Data Snapshots
  • Dose Escalation Challenges
  • PK/Blood Sample Tracking
  • CTC AE Coding
  • Alerts

At the upcoming CBI 4th Annual Oncology Clinical Trials Summit in Vienna, VA, I’ll be presenting on this topic, providing insight to attendees on tackling each of these clinical data collection in oncology common challenges.  Ultimately, I hope to convey how to best put together a clinical data collection strategy within a desired timeline. 

What clinical data collection in oncology study items would you like to hear more about?  Include any questions and comments here and I’ll do my best to address them during my presentation or blog about them in the future. You can also follow me live from the show at @eClinical_Jen.

Presentation time: September 15th at 1:40 p.m.   Hope to see you there!


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