Clinical trials are all about people. Specifically, improving their health and quality of life. Trials do this by testing the efficacy of novel therapeutics for specific indications. And the success of those efforts is determined by a thorough analysis of all the data that’s collected at every step in the process.

Which is why so much time and effort goes into figuring out the best and most efficient ways to capture, manage, analyze and report clinical trial data. However, few solutions provide all the necessary features, and integration between systems is typically lacking. Companies can end up with multiple solutions to try to meet their various study requirements. And that only accounts for electronic data capture (EDC) systems—it becomes even more complex when you add solutions for patient consent, patient-provided outcomes (PRO) and analytics.

The need for integration.

Whether your data are from a single site for a Phase I trial, or a network of sites supporting a Phase 3 global trial, a clinical trial generates a lot of data, from consent forms to patient questionnaires to wearables to clinical test results. Without centralized data storage, everything that follows—sharing and management, data monitoring, oversight and analysis, as well as end-of-study tasks—becomes even more challenging.

In a recent survey conducted by Industry Standard Research (ISR) of EDC system users, a top request was improved integration between systems. That’s no surprise: Using multiple systems, with completely isolated data storage systems, requires additional integration and reconciliation steps to analyze and use the data.

What would truly set a data capture solution apart: the ability to easily pull all of your data together.

A suite solution.

What does the ideal solution look like? Something like this:

What you’re looking at is the framework for an Electronic Data Capture (EDC) suite of products that delivers the essential services to improve data management and eliminate process obstacles. Each individual component should be impressive in its own right, combining ease of use with robust performance, while uniting to create something that’s truly greater than the sum of its parts.

The power, and ease, that awaits.

With this kind of solution, you’ll be able to:

• Take advantage of a single data structure that encompasses every part of the suite—so there’s no reconciliation to deal with, no integration to worry about, nothing to coordinate; it’s just there and easily accessible

• Get everything you need from a single vendor and a single build team—eliminating buck-passing, miscommunications and delays

• Gain the flexibility to implement each part of the suite individually, some components together, or the whole thing at once

All for one. One for all.


• eConsent

• Outcomes

• Analytics

No more hypotheticals.

This powerful, integrated data capture and management solution just happens to be the target Bioclinica has been aiming for in creating our Electronic Data Capture & Management Suite.

Spoiler alert: we hit the target, and the result is available right now.

What does it cost to get this kind of productivity and efficiency? A lot less than you might think, thanks to the low incremental costs for each part of the suite you decide to add. (And Bioclinica’s transparent pricing model makes it easy to see exactly what you’re paying for everything you’re getting.)

All it takes to get started is a tap of your finger.