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IRT Sourcing Models, Breaking with Convention (Part 2)

What Makes an IRT Great for Technology Transfer?

In the last blog we talked about how technology transfer is gaining ground on the conventional Software as a Service (SaaS) IRT sourcing model. In this blog post, I will explain the advantages of the technology and design behind Trident that make it particularly well-suited for IRT technology transfer. So let's dive right in.

Some of the key capabilities that are most popular with Trident users representing pharma organizations large and small, regardless of whether they are in a SaaS or technology transfer arrangement with BioClinica include the following:

Parameter-Driven – Trident's parameter-driven, configurable interface meets the IRT design requirements of complex clinical study protocols without having to do programming. This enables an organization to build, QC verify and deploy studies, as well as make last-minute changes without impacting timelines.

Easy-to-Use − Trident is easy to use whether doing study build, QC, or post-live changes. Here's what makes this possible:

  • The interface presents configuration steps in a logical and sequential manner.
  • Built-in logic presents everything needed to build a study right on the user screen in a step-by-step fashion. Fields are value entry driven, making it as simple as selecting a menu option and clicking a checkbox.
  • Trident configures complicated clinical trials without any coding. Functionality can be easily extended even further with minimal programming.
  • QC effort is minimized. Simply verify – no need to test and validate.
  • Quickly and easily make pre- and post-live changes without disrupting timelines, for example adding and removing the data collected during visits; updating sites; and adding and changing kit types.

Adapts to Adaptive Trials −Trident is ideal for adaptive trials where the design changes over time, for instance when treatment arms are added or dropped. Trident is configurable and can quickly and easily add or remove treatment arms, change dosing levels, modify strata and other activities in response to the shifting needs of adaptive trials.

Conquers Complexity – Research organizations are not only dealing with the highly complex, they are also multi-tasking to maximize what is gained from a single trial. Trident readily accommodates such high complexity with ease, including adding/removing treatment arms and strata or changing dosing rules and levels. And when these changes are communicated ahead of time, contingencies can be built in upfront resulting in a smoother running study. Trident also supports complex visit schedules, advanced drug dispensing rules, randomization techniques (stratification, cohorts and branched enrollment), and study drug pooling between sites and between studies.

Want to know more about Trident IRT? Need help determining whether SaaS or technology transfer is right for your organization? Email me at and I'd be glad to walk you through the options. Interested in learning more about BioClinica's IRT Technology Transfer approaches? Check out the on-demand webinar IRT: More Gain, Less Pain - Is IRT Technology Transfer Right for You?


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