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Introducing OnPoint Direct, Bioclinica's Powerful Rapid Startup CTMS

With thousands of people, hundreds of investigative sites, multiple CROs and various eClinical source systems—all generating massive amounts of data—clinical trials are an enormous undertaking. While leading organizations use Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS) to centralize operational data and automate processes so they can make better decisions, a CTMS can be out of reach for many small to mid-size companies, leaving them with isolated spreadsheets and/or inefficient, manual practices.

To help these organizations better manage their studies, Bioclinica has created OnPoint Direct—a rapid startup version of Bioclinica's powerful OnPoint CTMS made possible by the eHealth Cloud. OnPoint Direct utilizes standardized, best-practice configurations that allow customers to start using the product in a fraction of the time and at a significant cost savings when compared to full-scale CTMS deployments.

OnPoint Direct requires minimal configuration, making it perfect for smaller organizations or study-specific uses as well as organizations with tight timelines. Our team has extensive experience implementing CTMS for sponsors and CROs, which has allowed us to create a standardized, out-of-the-box configuration based on our thorough knowledge of industry best practices. Therefore, as opposed to spending months implementing a traditional enterprise CTMS, OnPoint Direct can be implemented in just two weeks utilizing this streamlined configuration process and standardized reporting package. OnPoint Direct is also the ideal solution for companies that do not have an IT group, as all validation processes are included.

From a financial perspective, OnPoint Direct provides an alternative variable cost subscription model that may be more appropriate for smaller companies than the capital investment required in the purchase of a perpetual license.

OnPoint CTMS has long been used by leading pharmaceutical companies to centralize and manage operational data. OnPoint Direct has the same full-feature functionality that lets you:

  • Centralize tracking of regulatory documents, missing documents and expiry dates
  • Easily see when operational milestones are falling outside the target range
  • Oversee study budgets and invoice tracking
  • Complete Monitoring Visit Reports (MVR) with offline capabilities
  • Manage document approval workflows
  • Quickly respond to study management changes and needs, including tight start-up timelines
  • Handle personnel and resourcing shifts as study volumes expand and shrink
  • Benefit from world-class data security and safety
  • Leverage training, documentation and validation
  • Share results through standardized best-practice SharePoint reporting
  • Measure organizational metrics to provide continual process improvements

Do your studies suffer from a lack of centralized management tools? Schedule a demonstration and see how OnPoint Direct can bring clarity to your trials. In the meantime, download our OnPoint Direct data sheet to learn more!


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Successful clinical trials require the ability to see key details and uncover hidden insights. Bioclinica utilizes science and technology to bring clarity to clinical trials, helping companies to develop new life-improving therapies more efficiently and safely.

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