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eConsent built to take on the real world.

We all know the hurdles that traditional consent forms put in front of patients: pages of arcane terms, frightening side effects and ALL CAPS admonitions. Which leads directly to challenges for studies, in the form of constant patient churn, rising costs and lengthening timelines.

So if you’re only converting long, boring paper documents into…long, boring digital documents, you’re not taking full advantage of what’s possible. That’s where Bioclinica eConsent comes in.

It’s not just about paper. It’s about process.

Bioclinica’s new eConsent offering is built to meet the real-world needs of sponsors and CROs, sites and IRBs, and trial participants—by turning a regulatory checkbox into a powerful tool for engagement that can accelerate study completion.

eConsent done right, every step of the way.

Understandable for patients

  • Easy to understand, whether patients are in the clinic or remote
  • Knowledge reviews to ensure patient comprehension
  • Personalized videos
  • Ability for patients to add comments and ask questions

Practical for sites

  • Enhanced interactions
  • Better-informed study participants
  • Increased retention
  • A decrease in the staff time required

Powerful for sponsors and CROs

  • Signing out multiple documents to a single site or subject
  • Easy handling of guardian or witness signatures
  • Managing multiple IRBs in one study

Useful for IRBs

  • Support for every step from defining content to IRB approval to site distribution
  • A built-in approval workflow gives IRBs the same experience as patients
  • A full audit trail of comments, responses and changes

eConsent with everything you value. Including value.

What do you get with Bioclinica eConsent besides advanced functionality and ease of use?

  • Low, add-on pricing as part of the Bioclinica EDC suite of products
  • Seamless integration with the Bioclinica platform that flattens the learning curve
  • One build team, one project manager, one point-of-contact
  • Standard, fast-track implementation to get you up and running in 2-3 weeks
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We’d love to discuss your eConsent challenges with you.