Electronic Data Capture (EDC)

A full and fully scalable array of EDC solutions from do-it-yourself to do-it-all

You’ve probably experienced some of the headaches you can run into collecting and managing data, for a single study or entire development programs. We’ve been overcoming them for 20 years. So whether you want to build an EDC solution yourself without big up-front expense and a long-term commitment, or need a more full-featured solution that eliminates day-to-day hassles while reining in costs and timelines, Bioclinica has a robust EDC offering that can get the job done.

Bioclinica’s EDC family provides a range of services that enable you to eliminate obstacles, operate more efficiently and easily manage data for one study or a global portfolio of clinical trials – all using a single, powerful platform that combines our deep EDC experience with impressive ease of use to put everything you need at your fingertips, on any device you have at hand. 

Watch the EDC demo video to learn more about the power, performance and scalability of our EDC solution.

Exactly the EDC solution you need, for every study you have.

Whether you want the tools and support to build your own study, or a full-service partner to build and manage it – and even provide fully integrated data management services – Bioclinica has you covered.

EDC Solo
The power of simplicity.
Bioclinica EDC License + Study Builder + Library Services
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EDC Control
Strength in numbers. Ease in implementation.
Bioclinica EDC License + Project Management + Build Services
EDC Command
Harness the power. Eliminate the obstacles.
Bioclinica EDC License + Project Management + Build Services + Data Management & Statistics

Learn how Trennic Data Services LLC uses EDC Solo to build studies for their clients

With Bioclinica EDC you get more, so you can do more.

You can see deeper into each study. Streamline processes across an entire development pipeline. And not just capture data, but effectively manage it, and make the most of it. Because everything you need is built in. Which is why Bioclinica is the partner of choice for many leading research programs worldwide.

  • eSource made simple with easy-to-use tools for quick and efficient data collection right at the source
  • Integrated Bioclinica IRT for randomization, dosing and kit assignments that won’t compromising power or performance
  • Value for all stakeholders with tools tailored for data managers, site investigators, monitors, and member of operations groups
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Watch our Bioclinica EDC Solo demo video




EDC Solo
The power of simplicity.

Why go Solo? 

You’ve got to collect and manage the data for one or more studies. 

But you don’t want to spend a lot of money on it – or make a big, up-front commitment. 

So, you turn to the easy, affordable solution with enough flexibility and firepower to take care of the trials in front of you and support your long-term success.

With Solo, you get a simple, powerful tool. 

  • Proven real-world functionality 
  • Based on Bioclinica’s extensive EDC know-how 
  • Scalable – so it can support single or multiple studies and trials of any size 
  • Supported by our experienced data management and study build teams

EDC Control
Strength in numbers. Ease in implementation.

Why take Control?

You’re running multiple studies and need easy access to your data. 

But you don’t need the overhead and maintenance hassles of building it yourself – and you don’t want to waste your time or money. 

So, you take advantage of the powerful, efficient, integrated system that puts everything you need at your fingertips.

When you’re in Control, we build it and you manage it. 

  • Full-service support from EDC experts with 20+ years of experience
  • An easy way to get data in from sites and out for data management and analysis
  • An efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution 
  • A dedicated project manager to support you at every step

EDC Command
Harness the power. Eliminate the obstacles.

Why gain Command?

You need it all, for studies of all shapes and sizes. And you need it all to work. 

But you certainly don’t need the hassle of dealing with solutions cobbled together from multiple vendors or having to access multiple systems for different studies. And you don’t want to waste your time or money. 

So, you go full speed ahead with the powerful, efficient, integrated system that does everything you could wish for, made to order.

With you in Command, you have everything you need, integrated and optimized. 

  • Full-service support from EDC and Data Management experts with 20+ years of experience
  • An easy way to get data in from sites and out for data management and analysis
  • A reliable way to maintain consistency across all studies, of all sizes and complexities
  • A full-featured and fully staffed data management team and complete ecosystem 
  • An efficient and cost-effective all-in-one solution 
  • A dedicated project manager and data manager to support you at every step

Get eConsent with the power to improve the entire process.

Simply turning complicated paper forms into complicated digital forms is not the best eConsent answer. What is? Rethinking the entire process to meet essential needs, enhance interactions and improve the process for everyone involved.

With Bioclinica eConsent that means:

  • Patients understanding what they’re signing
  • Sites saving time while increasing retention
  • Sponsors and CROs gaining efficiency-boosting capabilities
  • IRBs basing evaluations on the exact same interactions that patients have

Sound good?

Agile, scalable, full-service Clinical Data Management

Everyone knows clinical trials are growing more complex. Yet that doesn’t mean that you have to take on the increasing complexity of clinical data management (CDM). Free up valuable time for your team to focus on the important tasks requiring their expertise. Don’t have an established data management ecosystem? We’ve done it all before: SOPs, automated listings, coding tools, dictionaries, macros, and more.

  • Simplify Data Management

  • Maintain Control of Your Study

  • Accelerate Database Lock and Submissions

  • Access One Point of Contact

Be confident that your data is efficiently and appropriately managed by our experienced data managers. We handle the details for you – from protocol review and specification documents to electronic case report form (eCRF) creation, page review, medical coding, through tables, listings, and figures (TLFs).

People working in various home, medical, and scientific settings

Whether it’s helping with one component of data management or providing end-to-end data management services, we work with you to determine how best to meet your needs. And, you always have full access to your data.

We pride ourselves on our agile services. Take advantage of start-up times for Bioclinica EDC and CDM of as little as eight weeks. Because we’re planning for study milestones, conducting QC checks and working with the Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) structure throughout the study, database lock occurs earlier, and we can deliver validated SDTM datasets within 48 hours after database lock.

EDC Access One Point Contact

Combine Bioclinica IRT, CTMS, EDC and CDM for true end-to-end support of your study and you won’t have to reach out to multiple vendors and project managers for project resolution. A Bioclinica project manager serves as your single point of contact for all software services.

Your project teams shouldn’t be mired in the minutiae of data management. Bioclinica CDM services will scale across your development portfolio and are delivered by experienced industry experts – at a fixed fee.

Power. Performance. Scalability.

Built for the demands of the most complex clinical studies, Bioclinica’s best-in-class EDC makes no compromise on tools, capability, or performance – while bringing speed, quality, and efficiency to clinical study data. 

  • A robust system that meets all regulatory guidelines and conventions, including 21 CFR Part 11 and ICH-GCP
  • World-class hosting for high-speed access to study data within a fully compliant environment
  • On-demand study data in SAS and CDISC ODM formats with self-serve exports
  • Automatic alerts – for anything ranging from SAEs to signature removals – that ensure timely study-team response on clinical and operational issues
  • Embedded data management and review tools (for query workflows, record linking, and bookmarking, tagging, and custom review status) that facilitate sponsor and CRO data review and process management

All this, and more, accessible within an easy-to-use interface that earns high marks from site users.


Today, over 300 clinical trial sponsors—including all of the top 20 pharmaceutical manufacturers—depend on Bioclinica.



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