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Your trial needs experts who can see more deeply into essential imaging data and uncover clues and evidence others might miss.

Areas of Expertise


Experience across 1100+ oncology imaging trials


Unequalled expertise advancing CNS trials with imaging endpoints


Proven support for studies with MSK imaging endpoints


Expert Imaging support for Cardiovascular studies


Comprehensive NAFLD / NASH trial support

Additional Therapeutic Areas

Global experience supporting a broad range of indications


Unmatched expertise working with global regulatory agencies

SMART: Combine Medical Imaging, EDC and IRT!

Unleash data transparency and synchronous communication.

We've extended our SMART technology suite, so all your essential activities converge in a common data set. Now investigative sites can access Medical Imaging, EDC and IRT data via a single, easy-to-use portal where they can view, analyze and act on the data.

Data transparency with real-time data reconciliation capability from start to finish is a game-changer for our clients and their trials.

Here's how:

  • Data transparency: Allows sites to see critical activities together, eliminating information gaps and creating tangible value in efficiency, quality and compliance.
  • Real-time data reconciliation: Eliminates site re-work, duplicate data entry and queries between systems – all of which slow database lock.
  • Automation: Replaces inefficient manual methods of query resolution.
  • Reduced data management effort and faster database lock: Allows sites to skip these data cleaning steps since information is automatically and continuously updated and scrubbed. This prevents downstream errors that can potentially impact data quality and compliance.
  • Using SMART with Bioclinica's rapid-start IRT: Gives clients a prototype patient screening, enrollment and dispensing system within days of protocol receipt.
  • Realize even more value: SMART allows plug-in functionality with Bioclinica Site & Patient Payments, Cardiac Safety (ECG and ABPM), and Clinical Event Adjudication, as well as third-party providers.

Unified Medical Imaging, EDC & IRT

SMART drives higher quality data and compliance in trials and is a catalyst to effectively and efficiently consume data throughout the trial.

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The deep experience you need

Bioclinica is the worldwide leader in medical imaging core lab services — providing life-science companies with clinical trial support for all phases and across all major indications. Our commitment to service and scientific excellence is focused on advancing our clients' drug development process.
Our therapeutically aligned team delivers operational expertise necessary to successfully design and manage your clinical trials with best-in-class operations, centralized image assessments, and global data management. We work together with sponsors and sites to capture and skillfully analyze imaging endpoints and deliver the highest quality data for your eligibility, safety, and efficacy studies.
Bioclinica provides global support for clinical trials through the use of SMART, a full suite of medical imaging services backed by proprietary, leading-edge technology. Bioclinica's SMART digital customer portal allows sites and sponsors to benefit from real-time access to their trial data for quicker go/no go decisions.

Bioclinica SMART

Our Digital Customer Portal Allows Sites and Sponsors to Benefit from Real-Time Access to Their Trial Data for Quicker Go/No Go Decisions.

Electronically upload imaging data from clinical trial sites via a web portal. Medical images are blinded and undergo rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest quality imaging data and maximize clinical trial efficiency. Sites can easily track and manage images through our custom designed submission portal.
Tracks all patients enrolled on studies and all imaging data generated during the course of a clinical trial. Qualified technicians use innovative tools to review, update, and assure compliance with clinical trial protocols and defined reading paradigms. Enables queries to be issued, tracked, and resolved.
High quality independent image review by in-house and contracted radiologists and therapeutic area imaging specialists. Bioclinica has developed and validated a library of image processing algorithms across therapeutic areas for qualitative and quantitative clinical trial endpoints. Independent review applications are configurable to meet client specifications.
A comprehensive reporting service for sites and sponsors which supports the management and review of data for clinical trials. Sponsors gain access to metrics reports, custom client reports, analysis results reports, safety and eligibility reports and billing reports.
Tools that enable clinical trial data delivery, including patient data and imaging data, to sponsors, external vendors and partners. Bioclinica's transfer tools support a wide range of formats, to meet client and project specifications.



Medical Imaging Services

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Successful clinical trials require the ability to see key details and uncover hidden insights. Bioclinica utilizes science and technology to bring clarity to clinical trials, helping companies to develop new life-improving therapies more efficiently and safely.

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