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ECG Measurements

Manual, Semi-automated and Fully-automated Digital ECG Assessments

Bioclinica offers a full range of digital ECG technology and comprehensive ECG services across all clinical study phases. Our ECG interval evaluation methodologies include fully manual on screen to semi-automated and fully automated capabilities. Bioclinica understands the impact of ECG and cardiovascular data on drug development and can provide you with cardiac safety services from protocol design to reporting. We have experience in interacting with regulatory authorities and assisting in compliance with FDA and ICH initiatives within the global research arena. We are Mortara certified for ECG data submission to the FDA ECG warehouse and can provide ECG data in a variety of formats to meet sponsor format specifications.

ECG Interval Measurement Options to Meet Study Design and Phases

The decision on ECG interval measurement is driven by sponsor scientific working groups, consideration for the study population, phase of the study (I-IV) and existing cardiac safety QT information on the study compound.

Bioclinica offers:

  • Standardized digital 12-lead ECG and equipment
  • 12-lead ECG hardcopy digitization and overread
  • On-screen manual, semi-automated and automated ECG solutions
  • Industry recognized expertise of the AMPS platform within the WebHeart™ cardiac safety platform
  • BRAVO and FATQT ECG analysis tools
  • Direct ECG upload and transfer from Phase I unit platforms

Bioclinica can configure the WebHeart™ platform to pre-define the specific lead selection which will be used for both the interval measurement and diagnostic interpretation by dedicated board certified cardiologists. In addition, Bioclinica can support the use of the global median beat for ECG evaluation. Our standard process is for 100% overread of study ECGs by a dedicated board certified cardiologist.

Continuous Digital Holter and ECG Extraction

The use of 12-lead, digital Holter recorders can substantially reduce the logistical complexity of acquiring the large number of electrocardiograms required for TQT, Intensive TQT and MAD/SAD studies. Bioclinica offers two options for continuous Holter recording technology (24+ hours and 12-lead) captured on industry-standard sampling frequency flashcards and SD cards. One of the 12-lead digital Holter devices that Bioclinica has incorporated into its service line provides for both standard 12-lead ECG capture as well as continuous 12-lead digital Holter monitoring.

When it comes to digital Holter, Bioclinica offers:

  • Analysis of Holter data for Arrhythmia, Heart Rate variability, and Heart Rate Turbulence (HRV/HRT) by certified cardiographic technicians.
  • Real time Holter ECG extraction and transmission at the Phase I unit via our proprietary WebHeart™ platform and Web upload of Holter data from clinical sites to Bioclinica.
  • Advanced heart rate monitoring solution for clinic-based heart rate monitoring that does not require a formal telemetry solution.

Bioclinica is a leading provider of ECG services with more than 25 years of experience in the collection, management and analysis of ECGs. With experience working alongside the ICH and FDA in the development of regulatory and industry guidelines, Bioclinica is best positioned to help you in the design and conduct of your next cardiac safety study. Our staff is composed of board-certified cardiologists, certified cardiographic physicians/technicians (CCT), project managers, data managers, and biostatisticians with extensive experience in the collection, review and reporting of ECG data.

SuzukenECG Studies in Asia-Pacific

As part of its commitment to supporting clinical drug development in Asia-Pacific countries, Bioclinica has developed a strategic partnership with Suzuken, a leading Japanese medical technology and healthcare-related services provider, to supply ECG monitoring equipment in support of clinical trials in Japan.

Bioclinica has also made key infrastructure investments in China and Japan and established local scientific and medical expertise so as to provide a comprehensive suite of cardiac safety solutions and imaging core lab services for clinical trial sponsors. By providing in-country support for clinical trials in Japan and China, Bioclinica is able to offer high-quality services, local regulatory expertise and fast turnaround times for Asian-based clinical trials.


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