Children are a protected segment of society and pediatric clinical trials are critical to the development of new treatments for childhood diseases. These two principles put a significant burden on clinical trial conduct, especially when trial procedures include complex medical imaging techniques. The goal of this webinar is to describe and discuss challenges and solutions in designing, collecting and analyzing imaging data in support of clinical trials in children and adolescents in a variety of medical indications. Imaging-based endpoints in support of efficacy and safety are discussed with case examples in musculoskeletal disease and skeletal maturation, oncology and hematology using imaging techniques such as radiography, computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging and sonography. Operational challenges and corresponding solutions that minimize burden and harm on pediatric trial participants, while obtaining high quality imaging-based data, will be discussed.

Moderator: Thomas Fuerst, Ph.D., Chief Science Officer, Bioclinica


  • Souhil Zaim, M.D., VP, Medical and Scientific Affairs, Bioclinica
  • Kenneth W. Gaither, Ph.D., VP, Medical Imaging, Bioclinica

In this webinar, our featured speaker will discuss the following:

  • Challenges in designing imaging-based safety and efficacy endpoints in pediatric trials
  • Operational implementation of image acquisition and collection in a multi-center setting
  • Case examples in bone disease, oncology and hematology
  • The role of medical imaging in monitoring safety in a pediatric clinical trial
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