Creating and managing data from study instruments took a step in the right direction with the introduction of electronic entry. Now, with Bioclinica Outcomes, you can take an even bigger leap forward — thanks to a unified EDC and Outcomes solution built around a single database.

The implications of Bioclinica Outcomes are simple. And powerful.

  • Implementation is a breeze, thanks to build tools that are identical to EDC
  • Sites only have one clinical data system to learn
  • Detailed skip logic can be based on Outcomes data, clinical data, or both
  • Workflows in the clinical database can be triggered directly from Outcomes responses — and vice versa
  • You can instantly act on clinical data, with no reconciliation required

Given how seamlessly Bioclinica Outcomes works with EDC, it’s no surprise that getting it is equally hassle-free — not to mention affordable. Find out how easy it is to go from disparate products to a unified, future-focused clinical outcomes solution. Download the Bioclinica Outcomes fact sheet now.

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