Cardio-oncology is most frequently associated with a clinical focus on cardiovascular issues associated with the treatment and management of cancer patients, as many oncology therapeutic agents are also cardiotoxic. The collaboration and integrated treatment approach between the fields of cardiology and oncology has led to a proactive treatment approach which, along with improved cancer treatments, has also improved survival rates and quality life for cancer patients. This clinical collaboration is paralleled in the approach to the development of new oncologic therapeutic agents. Cardiac safety endpoints are important considerations in the development plan for an oncology treatment. With a focus on establishing a benefit-risk profile of new compound and/or the use of an existing treatment for a different indication, there is a need to develop a strategy to define the developing treatment’s cardiac safety profile. Cardiac safety endpoints/modalities in oncology drug development include electrocardiography (ECG), hemodynamics, cardiac imaging (i.e. echo, muga) and laboratory cardiac biomarkers. This webinar will focus on the integration and approaches to implementing ECG and cardiac imaging endpoints into an oncology study and development plan.

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