• Jeremiah Rehm, Senior Product Manager, Bioclinica
  • Keith Parent, Co-Founder and Partner at RegDocs365, Founder and CEO, Court Square Group

Electronic trial master file (eTMF) management has traditionally been conducted separately from the clinical trial management system (CTMS), which often needs to track documents within the eTMF. Integration of eTMF and CTMS eliminates redundancies, improves workflows, enhances transparency and enables greater study control.
In this on-demand webinar recording, industry experts from Bioclinica and RegDocs365 discuss the following:

  • The importance of robust document and study management systems
  • When to consider moving beyond eTMF management to incorporating a CTMS for study management
  • The ways in which integrating your eTMF and CTMS improve document and study management within and across all studies
  • How the use of a familiar, customizable and flexible interface such as SharePoint improves user adoption, improves efficiencies and reduces the cost of implementation
  • Utilizing content within your documents to enhance your CTMS and eTMF integration
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