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Image Redact AI

Automatically redact sensitive patient identifiers from videos, photos, and PDFs.

Bioclinica Image Redact AI empowers you to take your clinical trial to the next level. The industry leading solution that pairs AI-driven de-identification with human oversight of a quality control (QC) team to help you comply with EU GDPR and other privacy regulations for videos.

Enforce Compliance and Reduce Patient Privacy Risk

Avoid steep fines and downstream liability from potential data breaches by redacting sensitive patient identifiers.

21 CFR Part 11 and EU GDPR Compliant
De-identification of every image using our proprietary AI functionality and human visual QC review to verify all appropriate de-identification is complete.
Security at Every Step
Every image is backed up in multiple geographic locations using data centers and systems that adhere to the latest advanced security best practices.
Support You Can Count On
Our multilingual customer support team is available to assist you anywhere in the world with video, photo, and PDF uploads, transfers, and viewing 24/7/365.

AI Innovation customized to your needs

Have a specialized image AI request? Ask our team about designing novel AI models to automate your data screening and de-identification.

Save Time, Reduce Costs, and Increase Efficiency

Easily access and review your secure videos, photos, and PDFs on any device for clinical trial research projects.

  • Minimize Downstream Issues: Our proprietary pre-submission image screening minimizes the number of downstream issues by alerting the user of potential errors before they submit images. As part of our image QC check, our team can query the site to resolve image issues or screen them for your specified acceptance criteria.
  • Save Time: While most image processing occurs within hours, expedited service is available for high-priority data reviews.
  • Easy Upload: Upload images and data easily from anywhere in the world via our secure Global Cloud Network. You can also batch import images quickly from another repository or hard drive.
  • Accessible: Give sponsors or other authorized users access to the images online as soon as they are de-identified. You can also send images automatically to one or more recipients, download them on demand, or store them in our online Image Repository for up to 25 years.
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Easily store and share 21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR compliant images anywhere in the world from any device for use in future clinical trial projects or audits for up to 25 years.