SMART Submit

Securely collect, store, and share de-identified images.

Bioclinica SMART Submit enables you to reduce compliance risk, protect patient privacy, and lower costs. Securely collect, store, and share 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GDPR-compliant images with readers and partners.

Reduce queries and costs
If DICOM images are submitted to a clinical trial without a pre-submission image screening system in place, approximately 20% of queries are typically reopened. In some hospitals, the query rate jumps to 80%! These queries cost time and money — and take dollars from valuable research funds. Reduce your costs with pre-submission image screening AI technology, including custom, trial-specific acceptance criteria.
Reduce the risk of image quality issues
SMART Submit’s proprietary automated de-identification system involves three-levels of verification and is 48-fold more proficient at removing PHI than other DICOM transport solutions.The research site simply loads the original DICOM into the software application, enters the case trial identifiers, and SMART Submit handles the rest.
Protect patient privacy
Improper de-identification of DICOM images can result in visible patient health information (PHI), which puts patient privacy at risk. SMART Submit uses over 150 rules to detect and rectify common issues in DICOM files, including the presence of PHI.
Increase efficiency
Our imaging experts perform a quality control (QC) for anomalous cases or for studies generated by new imaging equipment. As part of our image QC check, our team can save you time by querying the site directly to resolve any image issues or screen files for your specified acceptance criteria.
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Customer Support You Can Count On

Our multilingual customer support team is available to assist you anywhere in the world with image uploads, transfers, and viewing 24/7/365. Our image QC technicians, data managers, and DevOps teams are dedicated to image management and to making your Image Repository work for you.

How Does it Work?

  • Easy Upload: Upload an image from anywhere in the world in just a few clicks.  
  • Nothing to Install: Upload images using our secure, 100% browser-based Global Cloud Network — no additional hardware or software required. 
  • Accessible: Give sponsors or other authorized users access to the images online as soon as they are de-identified. Send images automatically to one or more recipients, download them on demand, or store them in our online Image Repository for up to 25 years.
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Easily store and share

21 CFR Part 11 and GDPR-compliant images anywhere in the world from any device for use in future clinical trial projects or audits for up to 25 years.